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Python max()

Introduction Python provides the max() function to find the maximum (or largest) element among a group of values.This function is built-in and you can find additional information reading the official Python documentation. In the next sections we will see in detail how to use the max() function with examples. Are you curious to find out …

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Python in operator

Introduction In this post we will see how to use the in and not in operator in Python. These two statements are used when you want to check whether or not an element is found in a list, tuple or in a string. More generally they are used to verify the presence of an element …

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Python CSV

Introduction This post will help you configure your environment to write a Python program whose purpose is to read or write a CSV file. In your life as a developer, you will surely have to write or read a CSV file.A comma-separated values (CSV) file is a simple text file that uses commas to separate …

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Python – if else statement

Introduction Do you need to execute a code only under specific conditions?Python if else statements are what you are looking for! This post is about simple if, if else, and if elif else.These are fundamental constructs in Python and in all other programming languages so it is important to understand them well. Logical conditions Before …

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Python Hello World

Introduction This post will show you how to run the storical “Hello World” program in Python. For the uninitiated, the Hello World program has the purpose of printing the “Hello World” string on the screen. Usually this program is the first step in learning a new programming language. I leave you this interesting article for …

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Python virtual environment

Introduction A virtual environment (or venv) is an isolated python environment in which you can use a specific Python version and install packages. At this point you may ask: Why should I create a virtualenv since I can already install everything I need? Imagine running several projects and maybe each of them requires a different …

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